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Disiplinary & Grievance

Did you know that following the ACAS code of practice is crucially important for employers? If an employment tribunal considers the employer has not followed it, any awards made can be raised by as much as 25%.

So why do you need robust disciplinary and grievance procedures?

  • So employees know what is expected of them in terms of standards of performance or conduct (and the likely consequences of continued failure to meet these standards).
  • To ensure that you, the employer, remains compliant with current legislation and follow the revised ACAS code of practice.
  • To ensure that everybody is treated equally, fairly and reasonably.
  • To resolve matters before the employer / employee relationship breaks down irretrievably.
  • Ultimately, as a point of reference, showing good practice to an employment tribunal should someone pursue a complaint about the way they have been dismissed.
  • To provide employees with a course of action, should they have a complaint which they are unable to resolve through communication with their line manager.
  • To provide points of contact and timescales to resolve issues of concern.
  • As an opportunity to agree suitable goals and timescales for improvement in an employee's performance or conduct.
  • To identify obstacles to employees achieving the required standards and to take appropriate action. For example: training needs, lack of clarity of job requirements, the need for additional support.
  • We are skilled in dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues. Our advice and procedures will minimise the risk of lengthy, expensive and damaging employee disputes.

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