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Policies & Procedures

Robust HR policies and procedures are the backbone of any organisation with employees. They provide guidance for managers and employees alike about their own, and the organisation's, responsibilities.

You may already have a comprehensive set of policies and procedures in place, but when were they last updated? Do they still comply with current UK employment law?

Not all policies and procedures are relevant to every business. Some policies are required to comply with legislation, for example:

  • If you employ more than 5 employees, you will require a written health and safety policy.
  • A comprehensive maternity policy is essential because it sets out your company's legal obligations to employees and the employee's obligations to you should they become pregnant.

Other policies are there to encourage good practice, for example:

  • An email and internet policy informing your staff of your expectations of them.
  • A policy on annual leave.

Healey HR will work with you to develop policies which are legally compliant and reflect your organisation's practices.

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