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Recruitment & Selection

Getting this right first time is crucial!

You need to ensure the employee you choose is a good fit. We know the cost of recruiting a new member of staff can be prohibitive, especially when you factor in the time spent in training and development. You really don't want to be parting company after only a few months only to start again.

At the same time care has to be taken to avoid discrimination during the recruitment process. Claims are sometimes made by unsuccessful recruits. Money aside, the bad publicity this leads to can cost you your hard won reputation.

We can guide you through this minefield with our well designed recruitment and selection service.

Healey HR offers to:

  • Design the job description and person specification.
  • Write the advert, ensuring you are protected from potential claims of discrimination.
  • Create an application form which ensures all relevant information is recorded.
  • Deal with all responses including sending out information, collating application forms and CVs.
  • Check candidate's eligibility to work in the UK.
  • Conduct interviews, or assist you by advising on best practice.
  • Write and send 'unsuccessful' letters.
  • Provide and send offer letters.
  • Apply and review references.

Our guidance and support will ensure that you are fully compliant with current UK employment legislation.

For professional HR advice that you can trust

Healey HR offers comprehensive support when recruiting new employees

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