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Redundancy & company restructuring

It is often the case that a planned company restructure or reorganisation results in fewer jobs.

If your planned restructure means you need to reduce the number of your employees, a formal redundancy procedure must be implemented.

Getting the redundancy procedure wrong can expose your business to claims of unfair dismissal which could lead you straight into a potentially expensive (money and time) employment tribunal.

A robust redundancy procedure ensures that there is:

  • Communication at every step of the way.
  • Regular and meaningful consultation with affected employees or their representatives.
  • Fair and objective selection criteria.
  • Information for those individuals not directly affected by the redundancy process.
  • An appeals procedure.
  • Support for the 'survivors' of the restructure.
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Healey HR can provide you with a comprehensive redundancy procedure which is fair, transparent and compliant with current UK employment legislation.

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