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Flexible HR Support

Our support is tailored to you. We adapt to your needs not the other way around. You will always get the same person to deal with your issues, so no need to explain again.

We have amassed substantial experience across a diverse range of sectors. So whether you have an estate agency an engineering firm or a care home you will be in safe hands.

We offer no nonsense pragmatic advice and support. We simply charge an hourly rate with no tie-in, so if you don't need us one month you won't get a bill.

Healey HR
Redundancy & Company Restructuring
Getting redundancy wrong can expose your business to claims of unfair dismissal. More > >
Healey HR
Recruitment & Selection
You need to ensure the employee you choose is a good fit. The cost of recruiting a new member of staff can be prohibitive. More > >
Healey HR
Disciplinary & Grievance
Did you know that following the ACAS code of practice is crucially important for employers? More > >
Healey HR
Performance Management
Achieving excellent performance through good management provides huge benefits to your business. More > >
Healey HR
Absence Management
Absence issues, both short and long term, cost businesses huge amounts of money but are often ignored. More > >
Healey HR
Employee Handbooks
The ideal place for your business to document any policies and procedures that you wish your employees to follow. More > >
Healey HR
Policies & Procedures
Robust HR policies and procedures are the backbone of any organisation with employees. More > >
Healey HR
Contracts of Employment
Did you know that you have a legal duty to provide your employees with a written statement of their t&c's. More > >
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